Yoga for the Seasons (incorporating the teachings of Ki, Ryoho, Ryoho Therapy, Zen and Oki-do Japanese Yoga) is a dynamic form of Yoga Therapy that integrates traditional Hatha yoga with the Meridian Healing arts of Japan and China and the Five Element Theory.

Classes are one hour in duration and are tailored to suit the needs of those present and to the seasonal attributes. Each class builds on the last session, so you will feel the difference in strength, flexibility, health, overall fitness and wellbeing in only three classes. All levels of fitness are welcome from beginners to advanced.

The benefits of Yoga for the Seasons yoga therapy include improved strength, flexibility and energy. Through specific postures, Japanese Yoga also addresses common health conditions including: stress, insomnia, digestive problems, colds and flu, weight loss, women's health, back and neck pain, joint problems, bone weakness, allergies, depression, poor circulation and weak immune systems.

According to the Five Element theory, the human body is made of the same five primary elements that exist in nature - wood, fire, metal, earth and water. Each element relates to different organs, energy systems, physical and psychological aspects of who we are. And just like in nature, our bodies also experience 'seasons'. Through Japanese yoga therapy we harness the attributes of each season through moving and eating according to what we need.

Autumn And The Metal Element

Meridians: Lung and Large Intestine

As the trees lose their leaves and the climate becomes cooler and drier, the days become shorter and we know that autumn is here. Autumn brings a time of letting go of the abundance of summer and contracting inward.

Our prime organs of elimination, the lungs and large intestine are the focus in autumn. When these organs work well, the body can let go of toxins efficiently giving you the chance to slim down, strengthen and tone your body, targeting those problem areas of bottoms & thighs. 

As you regain the contractive function in your large intestine your ability to absorb minerals from your food increases & your mind becomes clear & sharp. When your lung energy is activated, the condition of your skin improves, allergy symptoms reduce & your energy & vitality returns.

Lose that sluggish feeling & replace it with motivation, decisive activity and optimism for future possibilities.

Winter And The Water Element

Meridians: Kidney and Bladder

The cold temperatures and longer darker nights of winter encourage us to seek and connect with the warmth within ourselves. Winter is the time to focus inwards, consolidate the body's energy, and build strength and stability, as well as a time to rest and regenerate the body. The energies of the water element are sinking and settling.

In winter we focus on the kidneys and bladder meridians. These organs are linked to the structural integrity of our body and its shape, our sense of identity, our hormonal and nervous systems, our bones, our sexual energy and reproductive functions. One of the most common complaints today is too much stress and a lack of 'vital' energy, along with hormonal imbalance, lower back pain and an inability to relax!

Winter is your chance to address and improve these issues. When our water element functions correctly our fears disappear and we feel confident in our ability to excel in all our endeavours. 

Discover a calm sense of inner security, endless willpower and compelling drive.

Spring And The Wood Element

Meridians: Liver and Gall Bladder

As the heavy chill of winter begins to lift, the days become longer and our amount of activity naturally increases. Spring is the season of fresh new beginnings. New shoots sprout from the ground & trees and the energy is a rising one of lightness, freshness and renewal. A healthy wood element provides us with the ability to CHANGE and to be FLEXIBLE.

The liver & gall bladder are the organs of focus in spring. In oriental medicine the liver is seen as the emperor of the body and sets the standards for the rest of the body to follow so a healthy liver means a healthy reference point for the whole body. A time for spring-cleaning inside as well as out, we focus on detoxifying & cleansing the body of the build-ups that accumulate from the heavier diet & lowered activity of winter.

Other areas associated with these organs, the joints especially shoulders and knees, tendons, immune system, eyes and vision can also be accessed and healed at this time. When our wood element is functioning well we feel clear, light, inspired and connected to our higher vision. Our immune system is healthy and we are flexible enough to change direction and move with ease.

Rise early, try something new, revitalise, active and attune yourself to the energy of this exciting season.

Summer and the Fire Element

Meridians: Heart and Small Intestine

Long hot days and balmy nights - summer is the season of abundance. The energy is rising and expanding providing us with endless expressions of power and strength. In this time of heightened creativity and communication we can experience great joy through the new connections we achieve.

The fire element is highly developed in humans and so has four meridians associated with it, the heart, small intestine, heart constrictor and triple heater. A healthy fire element gives us access to our inner strength and power leading to endless possibilities and a calm still mind. Our hearts soften and open and we can communicate clearly and express ourselves creatively to our full potential.

In summer we can improve our circulation (both peripheral and lymphatic), our assimilation of food, and our relationship to the environment and other people.

Realise and celebrate the wondrous blessings in your life!

Late summer, the change of seasons and the Earth Element

Meridians: Stomach and Spleen

Midway between two extremes, like the pause before the pendulum swings the other way, the earth element represents the centre, that which is constant, where we find harmony. Late summer is the most obvious change of seasons where we move from the expansion of summer to the contraction of autumn.

The earth element is all about nourishment and grounding. The digestive organs of spleen/pancreas and stomach are the focus at this time. Our stomach function governs the cycles in our lives from menstrual cycles to patterns of eating and sleeping - in essence all our learnt patterns and habits.

The spleen/pancreas function is responsible for assimilating and storing the nutrients from our food. Great fatigue, a feeling of neediness, and a lack of desire are symptoms of disturbed spleen function.

Experience satisfaction and fulfilment - reconnect to the natural sweetness of LIFE!