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5 Day Yoga Intensive. Monday 11th April to Friday 15th April 16

Intensive Programs Intensive Programs

5 Day Yoga Intensive. Monday 11th April to Friday 15th April 16

Autumn is the season for Letting GO. It may be excess weight, bad habits, chronic illnesses, ideas or judgments of yourself that no longer serve you , and more. This is the time to do it and by doing the Intensive you will be fully supported. Your mind, body, heart will be happier, healthier and lighter. Reap the benefits of the seasons and the yoga.

Autumn. Is the season for elimination...letting go.
The organs we focus on strengthen and balancing are the Lung and Large Intestine. When these organs are working at the optimum we feel hopeful, vital, less stuck and stubborn. The body can let go of toxins efficiently giving you the chance to slim down, strengthen and tone your body. Its bum and thigh toning season!

As you regain the contractive function in your large intestine your ability to absorb minerals from your food increases & your mind becomes clear & sharp.
When your lung energy is activated, the condition of your skin improves, allergy symptoms reduce & your energy & vitality returns.
Lose that sluggish feeling & replace it with motivation, decisive activity and optimism for future possibilities.
Bring on Autumn Yoga!

Monday 11th to Friday 15th April

The program includes;
5 - 6 yoga classes
All Breakfasts
Seasonal food list and yummy recipes
Practical tools for a Mind, Body & Lifestyle Detox
Food as Medicine tips to help with a swift, non-toxic detox
Guided relaxation /meditation
Daily support from your teacher (me!)
Yoga classes are Monday 11th April, 6:30am to Friday 15th April 6:30am
Plus you are more than welcome to attend Thursday evening class at 6.15pm as an extra bonus class if you wish. The more yoga- the more detox!
All classes are 1 hour with breakfast served after class
Cost: $160
Locations: Moonee Yoga for the Seasons Studio at Shopping Centre
There are limited number so booking is essential. A non-refundable deposit of $60 will be required to secure your place.

Please email me to book your spot.
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