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Improve your health and diminish stress - regardless of your fitness level, body shape, age or ability!

Yoga for the Seasons is a Japanese form of yoga therapy. It integrates traditional Hatha
yoga with the meridian-based healing arts of Japan and China and the Five Element theory.

The Elements of Metal (Autumn), Water (Winter) Wood (Spring), Fire (Summer) and Earth (Late Summer).

It offers a remarkably accurate and remedial system of healing and maintaining health.

I tailor each class to those present and accommodate all levels of fitness, health conditions
or physical injury. Each class in an hour long and there are

No pretzel like moves

No oming

No chanting

No designer yoga pants needed

I am passionate about leading people to Move their Bodies to Health.

Drop in to a class or purchase an audio class today!

I've been enjoying weekly yoga with Lisa now for over 4 years and love every twisty bendy move. My body sings with joy after every class. I feel lighter, taller & sometimes swear I float our of the class. Yoga - because any other stress release that works might get me arrested. Nameste

Deborah B. Sept 2019

I love Lisa's classes, they are a great way to focus on stretching & moving your body and laughing at the same time. The low pressure, fun atmosphere is the best in Coffs

Doug D. Sept 2019

I've followed Lisa and her amazing teachings for a long time now. Over 50's at the Woopi Club, open classes at Moonee and the Scout Hall. I can’t explain why it works so well but I've never felt better, stronger, fitter, happier and flexier - if that’s even a word- and it is fun in a lovely non judgmental space, Thank you Lisa

Johnene Sept 19

Lisa is the best yoga teacher I have come across in my nearly 30 years of attending classes and practicing yoga. I have been attending Lisa's classes for nearly 15 years and they are my medicine. I cannot recommend Lisa and her yoga highly enough. fun, strong, therapeutic and grounding. Get yourself to a class, your future self will love you for it

Jane Sept 2019

I have been to different yoga, pilates and gym classes over the years but nothing compares to Lisa’s classers. She tunes the classes to what the participants need and can always offer an alternative if you have issues with the move. Her approach is uplifting and fun, good for the body, mind and soul

Christine. Sept 2019


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These MP3 files are perfect for tablets and phones, or through your home stereo system.

Each Yoga class is designed to easily move your body to health.

Choose from a variety of classes, each aimed at improving your body function and well-being. 

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file downlaods

Download a complete package of Seasonally aligned Yoga Classes. 

There are 5 seasons to choose from.

Each package has 4 tracks including an introduction explaining the class and yoga style, 

2 yoga classes and a relaxation,  plus a picture of each move.

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